Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Convention Updates!


It's that time again...

Would you like to participate in a panel with the creators of the Absurd universe?  How about get original art from the hard working artist behind Absurd and Dying's Easy?  Well, now's your chance!


I'm going to be selling for the amazing White Lightening Productions at Con DFW!!!

Location:  Addison
Time: Feb 20-23

G33K3 Con

This is G33K3's first year and it proves to be an amazing venture!  I'll be doing lots of panels along with Pomm from the comic.  I'll also have a booth where you can come and get original art commissioned.

Location:  McKinney
Time: April 4-6  (G33K3 doesn't have a website...but you can get all the info about them from their facebook event and page!

Super Great!

This isn't my original's an internet meme.  But my bff was having a shitty I thought I'd make her something funny.


There are some REALLY cool things on the horizon.  Absurd isn't going away...just getting put on a back burner while I work on some stuff you are all going to like.  I can't really discuss much yet, but I promise you'll all be kept in the know.

So what does that mean for Absurd and Dying's Easy?  Well, DE is going back to being updated every other week.  The two comics a week schedule is too much with everything else I'm doing, especially with con season fast approaching.  Absurd is going to still be updated, but only if there is something pertinent to update about.

In other words...stay with me...I promise the payoff will be epic!